Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two weeks to go....

Who would have thought that less than a week after I finished being a student, I would find myself teaching a class of my own! But that's the adventure I am about to embark on - teaching English for a year at Chiang Mai University in Northern Thailand!

Currently, I'm still comfortably a college student - no classrooms to manage or tests to grade. I'm stocking up on cheese and bread, which will be in short supply in Southeast Asia and trying to cram as much as I possibly can into my last few glorious weeks in the US.

I know next year will be full of surprises, embarrassments, adventures and -- no doubt! -- lots of laughs, as I try to navigate a new country, city and classroom.

I hope you will share these moments with me and that you'll tell me about all your own adventures where ever they may be!

Hugs and love to you all,



  1. Dearest Jess,
    Congratulations! You have worked hard last 4 yrs at Princeton.
    You've also enjoyed all the classes you've taken! Now, on your way to a great new adventure, away from home! I wish you all the best for your new start! Stay in touch...we enjoy hearing from you.
    We will be thinking of you!
    Lots of love to you,
    Dalli xoxoxo

  2. Dear Garden Nymph,
    This blog is in my bookmarks bar.
    Go forth and conquer.
    The Forbes Gnome

  3. Dear New Teacher, Ms Lander,
    Your First Class! Right after landing, right?
    Your being there reminds me of Chip Bacon who taugh Korean HS Girls, as a Peace Corp Volunteer, right after College finished... first PC for Korea!
    yes, looking to following your blogd so save energy and keep us posted. What food? Weather?
    Up at the lake for me, no Landers yet, and I miss you up here canoeing, kayaking, breads, peaches, sharing...
    LOL (in lots of love),
    Dalli xooxo

  4. jess, i expected a blog post. i've checked three times already.

  5. Salut de Vermont! I am taking your cousin Noah to France this summer! Teaching is the most exhausting thing in the world but you are very aware of your own need for balance and it sounds like you have good teaching instincts--not surprising. Sending you lots of love and good wishes. xoxo

  6. Hi Jess,
    Your family flower garden in GIW is absolutely beautiful! Your Mom gave me a bunch of them, which I have painted in water color. Went to the local goat farm where the new born kids greeted us, perhaps wishing we came to feed them! Bought cheese and had a lovely visit with Vallerie. Got some fresh eggs too from the road side farm. What flowers or farm animals do you get to see while there, if any? Your pics are wonderful. Hope you're well, enjoying all you are doing. Am thinking of you...I'll be off for a break in France but will get on this when I can. Will be united with Elizabeth after her 3 wk program. Much love, Dalli xoxo