Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The possibility of riding elephants to class...

Another day, another class – actually two classes. Somehow we ended up on the subject of elephants who, unable to locate bananas in the jungle, had to head to the local Chiang Mai supermarket to get their potassium fix, as well as the possible solution to global warming – everyone trades in their motorbike for their own personal elephant. (One of my students promised he would ride an elephant to our next class!) Its moments like these that make me laugh out loud, smile for the rest of the day and ultimately make me love teaching!

But the actual point of this post is to supply you all with my new address in the hope that I will come into the teachers lounge one day and find my mailbox stuffed with letters from home (or abroad, depending on where you are currently residing). So with out further ado:

Chiang Mai University
Faculty of Humanities
English Department HB-3
C/O Jessica Lander 116
239 Huay Kaew Rd.
Chiangmai, 50200 Thailand

This is my work address and not my home address as…it seems silly to say this… I don’t really know what my home address is. All I need to know is it’s on a side street off of a larger road called Sirimangkalajam (I hope you enjoy that name as much as I do!) But even though I can’t given you my home address, I can offer instead pictures of the neighborhood from my balcony!

(My view from left to right - Not visible from the picture, but on the mountain is the golden temple Doi Suthep.)

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